I began my career as a bookkeeper working in an accounting firm about 9 years ago.  I received first hand experience about what an accountant needs to see as they prepare the year end and corporate tax returns.

working from homeAfter moving to a new town for my husbands job, I decided to start my own bookkeeping business and work from my home office on our acreage about 10 minutes out of town.  Being new to town and not having a network to build on, it took some time before I felt my business was actually going to be viable.

One new client at a time, I built up the business by providing personal, flexible and efficient services to small business owners.  I pride myself on paying attention to the details and providing “clean” books to the client and accountants at year end.  I thoroughly enjoy working with both established, as well as new entrepreneurs, who are just learning about the joys of being in business for themselves.

After 4 years of working from my home office, I realized my business was at the point that I needed to hire some help.  My home office was not set up to accommodate an employee but luckily at about that time a great opportunity came for me to open an office on Main Street of our  small town.  The exposure has been wonderful, I now have a staff member, my clients are enjoying the convenience of my office location and business is good.

buriedBecause I know that bookkeeping for some can be confusing, time consuming, overwhelming and daunting, I decided to start blogging.  I wanted an informal way to get information out there for my own clients, potential new clients or just anyone who needs a little help.  I don’t profess to know everything there is to know, but if I can help others and answer a few questions along the way, then my goal is met!

I look forward to “meeting” you 🙂


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