Changes in GST/HST returns coming…

You may have recently received a notice in your mail from CRA regarding the changes they will be making to the GST/HST return access codes and forms.mailbox

If you haven’t received a notice (or if you happened to just throw away the extra paper in the envelope, LOL!) here is a quick summary for you so you know what to expect in the coming months….

  1.  You will remember that each quarter, month or year that you received a GST return form, theaccess codere was a four-digit access code on the front page.  Each form had a different code and if you misplaced it, you had to contact CRA to get a new one so you could file your GST online for that specific period.  Starting Oct. 19, 2015 the CRA will be sending all GST registrants a “new and unique” access code.  This code will be used for all future returns and you will not be receiving a new one each time.  You will also have the ability to change that access code to one of your own choice by going to the CRA website for Access Codes .  Just remember that if we file your GST return for you (and if we don’t already have business consent from you on file) then you will need to let us know what that new access code is so that we can continue to file on your behalf.
  2. Also starting on Oct, 19, 2015 the frequency in which you receive your forms will change.  Instead of receiving a new form each time you are required to file another return, you will receive a package that contains your new access code, a list obank tellerf your reporting periods with the due dates and all of the remittance vouchers for the entire fiscal year.  Please don’t misplace these.  If you do not pay your GST online, but rather pay it at the bank, you will need those remittance vouchers.  If you bring them in to us, we will be happy to hold them for you for safekeeping!

So there you have it!  Starting Oct. 19, we encourage you to watch for the above information that will be coming to you and, if we are your bookkeepers, we ask that you bring that information and forms into us so we can continue to serve you efficiently.

Quick tipThere’s an App for that!  There is an app available to you that we recommend downloading if you tend to forget your remittance due dates for GST, payroll, corporate tax etc.  This CRA Business Tax Reminder mobile app allows you to create reminders and alerts for your critical dates with CRA.  Go the the CRA website to download the mobile app .  I use it and find it very helpful.



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