Opening a whole new world….

ImageSo here I go…I am entering the world of blogging!  I have used Facebook for awhile now –  both in a personal and business format.  I often find myself posting short bits  of information to my business page and wishing I could elaborate just a little bit more,  give a bit more information,  explain myself a bit further and make everything just a bit clearer.  So…welcome to “Bookkeeping Bits…”  

My intent is to help small business owners with general bookkeeping questions ranging from “How do I organize my records?” to eligible business expenses for tax purposes.  I welcome any comments or requests for information and I will do my best to help!



About Cougar Ridge Bookkeeping

We know that to be successful in business, keeping good records is vital. We also know that operating a successful business takes hours of dedication and hard work. For many, it means that the bookkeeping gets put on the "to-do list". We are here to help you!
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